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Production Standards - Sizing (Parsons Assignment)

Ever notice how many different brands have different standards on their sizing? After trying on several brands in the same sizes I noticed many are different. My research led me to realize that clothing made in China was on the smaller side, where as clothing that are made in the USA fit just right in my size. And that one big box store vs another can have quite a bit of difference. It is definitely hard to have a 'standard' size of clothing for S, M, L. I know that when I select my sizing for creating my clothing I usually will size up. A small will be in the size 4/6 range, a medium in the 8/10 range and large being in the 12/14 range. And of course when you are dealing with different styles you can see a big difference. As in a small flowy dress vs a small body con dress. Alas, I think it's important as a designer to think about all the body shapes and lifestyles of our customers when working with sizing.

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