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Brands - GILLI

GILLI is a brand that I carry at Lilli & Yve. I appreciate their styles and what the company embodies. They are not only stylish but the quality is exceptional. Find out more about them below...

Since its inception in 2008, Gilli has exceeded the expectations of many by its longevity and success in the business. Gilli has made a name for itself as it continues to gain loyal customers who trust in the company for its quality and creativity. The quickly expanding team of inspirational designers allows Gilli to create the best, most up-to-date styles that are in line with the latest trends and most current fashion crazes.

At Gilli, fashion is not just a fun design for clothing. Fashion lives and flows on the streets, in the sky, and is intertwined with the way we live and what is happening in the world today. Gilli's primary mission is to serve its customers with top--notch, innovative apparel at truly affordable and fair prices.

While all of our products are made in the United States, more specifically in Los Angeles - the center of the fashion industry - we have expanded our customer base worldwide and it continues to grow. We choose to work only with contractors who are 100% compliant with the standard labor laws in the United States.

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