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The Renovation Journey for Lilli & Yve's Vintage Mobile Trailer

What started out as an online boutique in 2017 expanded into a seasonal vintage mobile trailer in July 2018. This was the renovation journey....

Meet Belle. The 1979 Golden Falcon Vintage Mobile Trailer. It took me a while to find her, but I did! She was a lot of work. Renovating is not a glamorous job no doubt, she gave us a run for sure. On the first day of working on her, we ended up in the ER. My husband who was most of the muscle and sweat in this project, fell off the ladder while sealing the roof. After leaving the hospital with a sprained wrist and a chipped bone, the next 2 weeks were slow moving. But, I have a hard worker on my hands and he did a great job with a brace on. 

Before DEMO DAY happened....I emptied the Camper of the previous owners stuff. Lots of stuff.... Here are the before pictures. Note that all the cabinets were fully stocked with years of camping. This took an entire day. 

And here she is completely removed of stuff...

DEMO DAY..... we were able to save a few walls!

The walls and floors were then covered with sheets of wood. And the walls got covered with thin tongue and groove. I wanted ship-lap at first, but to cut cost we went with the tongue and groove.

I'm very happy with the result!

Then the walls got a fresh coat of white paint!

For the floors I chose a nice barn wood style floating floor. It's so pretty!

I wanted the ceilings to look like the old classic Victorian homes with the tin tiles. I found a company who makes plastic tiles that glue on! I'm in love, it gives it such a great character!

For the trim I chose Crown Molding of course. It was tricky, but with a bit of effort it worked out. I painted all the trim and baseboards white. I like how it ties everything together. I sanded and stained wood boards my favorite stain, Early American. And the track lighting got put up!


I chose industrial piping for the clothing racks. Lots of cleaning and spray painting, but well worth it! I purchased some pre-made kits on Amazon & other piping at Lowes. All my tastes are perfectly blended in the camper. Classic Victorian, Farmhouse & Industrial! 

I LOVE how the half table came out. We re-purposed old stair rails for the legs. I got the changing room's gold & white chevron print curtains from Wayfair. They make such a pretty and simple accent to the place. I made a curtain with a tan linen fabric to cover the electrical box. And check out the Fleur de Lis hooks! Those are ode to my french heritage.

My husband cut some wood signs and I painted them with chalkboard paint. 'Watch Your Head', 'Watch Your Step' & 'Welcome'. They are great! I re-purposed this old sewing machine table given to me by my mother. I rough painted it white and it works great as my cash out place. 

Choosing the perfect teal color was quite the task. Ha! Standing in front of the swatches at Lowe's proved to be a lot harder than I thought it would be. I ended up choosing Rushing Stream for the main teal color and Tidal Teal for the accent color. I chose the accent color that best corresponded to the blue in the logo of Lilli & Yve. While I chose paint colors, my husband prepped the camper for paint by pressure washing it.

Belle got fully primed & painted white on her top half.

She got her beautiful detail in the back and the rest of the bottom painted teal.

And here she is with her new paint job! She is so BEAUTIFUL & FUN!!

I painted the inside of the door and the campers accent stripes a dark teal to represent the blue in Lilli & Yves logo.

My husband made stairs with a hand rail that attaches to the camper. And we put out a turf rug in front.

I had these vinyl signs made and had them installed. I love my Open sign that I got from a seller on Etsy.

And this is what she looks like filled with clothing...

I hope you enjoyed my journey with Belle! And if you see us around, stop in!











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