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Boho Lifestyle

Oh that sweet boho lifestyle....what is it really?

To sum it up, it's living an unconventional lifestyle. Words that come to mind are wanderlust, wild spirit, dreamer, creative, and non-conformist. Being one with nature and passionate about life. Living an artistic, literary, musical, adventurous lifestyle. French revolutionists adapted the title and the sense of individualism. They created a romanticized version of the bohemian lifestyle.

zoe deal

Photo Credit: Zoe Deal

Here are some ways to live a Boho Lifestyle today...

1. Dress the part. Add flowy dresses and maxi skirts to your wardrobe, bell bottoms and cut off jean shorts too. Pair them with graphic tees, cropped tops, denim jackets, kimonos, or over-sided cardigans. Wear suede booties, cowboy boots, knee high boots, and gladiator strappy sandals. Style your hair with bandanas, scarves, large pearl clips, headbands, flower crowns and crochet scrunchies. Wear slouchy hats and large brim felt hats whether they be with floppy or stiff brims. 

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2. Think and act the part. Free-spirits go against the grain. Express yourself in whatever artistic form speaks to you, whether that's drawing, dancing, songwriting, sewing, or anything creative. Prioritize experiences, art, and relationships above physical possessions. Don't believe in something just because others do. Educate yourself on different political stances and religions in order to keep your mind open. Pick flowers, keep a journal, go for walks, and garden. Stay true to yourself and always live for the moment! 

Photo Credit: Kinga Cichewicz 

3. Create a living space. Decorate your home with multicultural items like Moroccan poufs, lanterns, rugs, and pillows. Embrace the lounging mentality by getting furniture that's comfy. Add a lot of textiles into your decor, like woven pillows with fringe or tassels, Mexican & Turkish blankets, along with aztec and ikat designs. Keep plant life in every room of your home. Use macrame plant hangers, woven baskets, clay pots and artistic ceramic pots to display the plants. This will give your home a natural, earthy vibe that's consistent with the bohemian spirit.

Photo Credit: Alyssa Strohmann

A bohemian person is someone who lives and acts by a different set of conventional rules and practices than the average person. Embrace the bohemian attitude and style by thinking, acting, dressing, and decorating in a way that promotes creativity and originality. Live Wild!

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Photo Credit: Ivana Cajina


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